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Wadley's Arms

£250 to £499

This is the man cave I built with a lot of blood and sweat, to enjoy a lot of beers! The hole build is almost totally re used wood or seconds (not good enough for shops bent chipped etc etc), the largest part of the build is broken pallet's great fully donated from a local diy store. The windows are fully double glazed and came with the door that I scavenged from a local glazing company who were great full for me to take them away at no cost to either side. The pictures show from start to end, build time was around a month. I have completed the build with what I would say 95% on my own, my Dad helped with the roof felt and my mate Tony helped with building the roof and some other bits. I must mention that non of the materials where delivered and everything was collected by my trusty volvo and its trailer lol. Thanks for takeing the time to look I know that it's not perfect but neither am I.

I built the shed 99% on my own in a month. For a place to relax I have built a bar with solid oak fitted lights and power from the garage.

Year first entered 2015

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