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Heavens Above

£250 to £499

Unique - We needed a compact space to store up to five bicycles and after a fruitless search of the Internet realized we would have to build it ourselves. I have yet to find any other sheds like this one!

Self designed and built - dimensions and overall design had to fit into a small garden yet provide good access to the bikes

Green roof - we didn't want to look out on a boring roof so decided to put a green roof on it and planted it with a mix of bulbs, grasses, and herbaceous plants to provide year round interest and value for nature conservation

Adds to the garden - the shed now provides an attractive feature and an additional dimension to the garden and is also viewed/ enjoyed by our neighbours!

Inspiration came from varied sources including a Danish carpenter friend who gave some good advice on structural loading given the weight of soil on the roof.

I was able to 'design in' and install an internal drainage system .... Ok I admit it ... It was a lucky 'design fault'!

I installed solar powered internal light.

The design reused/ incorporated some previous fence posts as part the structural build.

Whilst specifically designed for the bikes, I am delighted it can accommodate some traditional shed items eg. garden canes; empty jam jars; plastic bags; bits of old wood which will be useful one day.

In case anyone is wondering bike no. 5 fits in front of the other bkies or behind on the back wall.

Year first entered 2015

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