Hopes Hut Hopes Hut Hopes Hut
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Hopes Hut

Built for my Girlfriends wee one, it started out in life as a unremarkable 6x4 shiplarch without a roof or floor and was bought for ᆪ10. We added an extened floor and roof to overhang the door, creating a veranda. A side roof extension was added just for kicks, then as luck would have it, we spotted the spiral staircase in a skip. The window is toughend perspex with a frame made to fit. The shed took 1 month to complete. Most materials gleaned from skips, total cost around ᆪ70

The shed was completed in Nov 05, just in time for her birthday. 2006 should bring a raised platform which will be the launch pad for a flying fox and a landscaped play area.


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