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The Workshop

This is my own shed I built in 2003. The initial purpose was as a workshop and secure storage while I refurbished my house, but as materials became available The size doubled and I suddenly had to consider changing the design to fit the surroundings. The shed is made from Forticrete reconstituted stone blocks on a concrete base. The double pitched roof was set at 30 degrees as it was designed to be slated with local scotch slates from the farm across the road but as the year went on and time ran out, I decided that a chance to cover in end of season turf from B&Q for ᆪ20 was too good to miss. The roof requires daily watering in the summer and has a lay and leave hose along the ridge connected to a tap in the ground. I cut the lawn twice a year. The date stone above the door was carved by my father and the stained glass window set into the door was made by my mother. The lean-too on the side was built to appease my son who, without his own little shed would have claimed a corner in the main shed! The entire structure is set 400mm lower than ground level to reduce the overall height so as not to block out too much light from my neighbours garden. This is a multimedia shed which is is the centre hub for the data, telecoms and CATV cabling for my house and also has a fibre optic link which runs the community broadband access for my area. Most materials reclaimed from building sites, had to pay for concrete, mortar and timber for roof, total cost, around ᆪ800 and 4 months to complete, never again, I ain't no bricky!

Alas, when I move house I will likely need to remove the pitched roof and replace with a flat one due to height falling foul of planning regulations! The neighbours are OK with it though, and I have discovered that walkers passing though the area actually make a detour to view it as word has spread about the turf roof. I may add a radio mast to increase the coverage of the community broadband access


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