The Speakeasy The Speakeasy The Speakeasy
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The Speakeasy

Shed Category: Workshop/Studio

My shed is special because it is a unique space used to create, practice, play and listen to music as well as entertain all in a unique setting. My aim was to recreate the ambience and feel of a "speakeasy" reminiscent of the tiny secret clubs that provided live music entertainment . The Speakeasy has a stage and lighting system is fully sound-proof with a full PA system, mixing decks, band equipment and an extensive vinyl collection. The decor revolves around the "speakeasy" theme reflecting an eclectic, vintage vibe of the more contemporary clubs, combining collected items, flea market and charity shop finds as well as handmade accessories and donations from friends and family.

Cost of shedbuild: More than £500

This is predominantly a self-build project measures a 24 x 12 feet using block bricks and slate-tiled pitched roof. It is fully soundproofed, insulated and incorporates a multi fuel burner.

  • Year first entered 2015
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