The Wendyhouse Workshop The Wendyhouse Workshop The Wendyhouse Workshop The Wendyhouse Workshop The Wendyhouse Workshop
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The Wendyhouse Workshop

£150 to £249

A wendyhouse looking Tiffany Stained Glass workshop, making use of Freecycled, Freegled, recycled and scavenged parts including a marble hearth for a workbench and double glazing and insulation allowing for a warm working environment during cold winter days.

The base is a standard concrete base then 3 sides made from a sectional concrete garage (Freecycled), the roof A-frames came with the garage. The front is framed with 3"x3" timber salvaged from various pallets, plywood for front and roof salvaged from pallets from a solar panel company, marble worktop salvaged from a marble fireplace company, double glazed windows and door salvaged from a conservatory/double glazing company. Most of the internal fittings, including the kitchen cupboards are freecycled. The only items that cost were the concrete base, roof felt, various fixings, the laminate flooring, paint and the DP. Put together over several months and finally fitted out with a glass rack and cupboards just before Xmas. Still need to finish off a little of the outside path and replace the gable ends with glass to allow more natural light in.

Year first entered 2016


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