1920's Beach Hut 1920's Beach Hut 1920's Beach Hut 1920's Beach Hut 1920's Beach Hut
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  • 1920's Beach Hut
  • Glenda Charlick
  • Garden - Surrey

1920's Beach Hut

Shed Category: Cabin/Summerhouse

I wanted to claim the humble shed back for the small garden and what can be done in a small garden with a bit of fun and imagination. It has now doubled the size of my garden and given me an outdoor room to entertain my friends and to sample my homemade fruit wines. I have a sunny place to escape to as my cottage it quite dark, it has changed the quality of my life. Every girl should have a shed!

Cost of shedbuild:

A normal shed to start with in a small garden but then I built caravan style seating out of pallets in U shape making sure I had room to store kindling wood underneith. Then I made seating cushions out of deckchair fabric given to me by a friend that inspired the whole 1920's beach hut theme. I painted the floor with an art deco sun design and added art deco travel posters.

  • Year first entered 2016
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