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  • Tin Tank
  • Luca Volonte'
  • backyard - Lombardy , Northern Italy
All photos are copyright of the sheddie Luca Volonte'

Tin Tank

Category: Unique

More than £500

The shed was originally meant to be a garden studio and a place to smoke cigars far from the sight of my wife but in the meantime I quitted smoking . It is temporarily a storage but I am planning to build a desk and some additional shelves in order to make it a proper studio .

The shed is composed of a wooden frame covered with OSB panels . It is completely aluminium clad , both for technical and aesthetic reasons. Aluminium cladding is very effective as waterproofing layer and it should be maintenance free for many years. In addition ,during summer, it reflects sun rays keeping internal temperature a little bit lower.Two large fixed windows on both sides of the door make the interior very bright . I designed it and started to build during the summer of 2014 : the construction ended in July 2015 working mainly during week-ends .

  • Year first entered 2016

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