The Tap Shed The Tap Shed The Tap Shed
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The Tap Shed

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More than £1000

This shed is my tap studio. It has been built with sound proof cladding in the walls and roof so the noise doesn't travel too far and upset the neighbours. I use this shed to practice my routines for cabaret acts I perform around the UK. It also has a specially inlaid wooden floor section so I can dance on a proper surface. I also keep my costumes here which includes about 12 pairs of tap shoes (I never throw any tap shoes out).

The shed can't be completely soundproof because my cat, Safari, likes to sit outside while I practice. I think he likes tap. I have included a photo of him chilling on the bench, where I always find him once I finish rehearsing.

The video attached is not of my shed but of the result of the rehearsal I do in my shed.

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