Carricker Inn Carricker Inn Carricker Inn Carricker Inn Carricker Inn Carricker Inn
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Carricker Inn

Less than £100

Well my shed is the garage which is divided into two. One half is our pub and the other half is my workshop. It is just a normal standard 1970s size one.

I know you are looking for people who are about to build from scratch or transform an existing space into a quirky use of space to work, rest, or play  well mines already built sort of as you can see from the pictures, but it did cost less than οΎ£100 to make! Nearly all of it was from either eBay or was scrap. Anyway please look at the 4 photos of my pub.

It ain't big but to me and the people that use it is a cool place. It might be small but we've packed in loads for football or rugby matches, plus the kids like it has a cool den!

Year first entered 2016

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