The Reading Shed The Reading Shed
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  • The Reading Shed
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The Reading Shed

Shed Category: Unexpected

I think we should win the Shed of the Year competition because you can read inside our shed. It's got twinkly lights and lots of gnomes because our class is the Gnome class. Inside the shed is lovely with fluffy cushions, different rainbow coloured materials and pictures of the books we like to read. It's a super sonic shed and it even has a grass carpet with lots of books in window boxes, There are curtains too and it's really tidy. The roof has pretend bugs on it with lots of pretty flowers climbing over the trellis. We love our shed because we can read in it together and enjoy our books, although only four children are allowed in at the same time!

Cost of shedbuild: £150 to £249

Graham, our caretaker, built the shed in our classroom one night after school. It was a big surprise when we came into school the next morning. Mrs Cork, our teacher, decorated it and helped us to make it interactive. We would really appreciate you considering our shed as an entry to the Shed of the Year competition because we are proud of it.
From Alex
Aged 7

  • Year first entered 2016
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