s Kathtons @ Fred's Shed. , Workshop/Studio from Grandparents garden owned by Kathy Ferguson #shedoftheyear
Kathtons @ Fred's shed. Kathtons @ Fred's shed. Kathtons @ Fred's shed. Kathtons @ Fred's shed.
All photos are copyright of the sheddie Kathy Ferguson
  • Kathtons @ Fred's Shed.
  • Kathy Ferguson
  • Grandparents garden - Essex

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Kathtons @ Fred's Shed.

More than £500

This shed is my workshop. I use it for refurbishment of furniture and making other items in my catalogue. Its special because we made it all by hand from scratch using as many reclaimed items as possible.

It's made of 36 euro pallets and is insulated and double glazed. The window were salvaged from a skip. The frames are handmade. The doors were found in a skip and the work benches are from my dad's company when they were throwing them out.

Year first entered 2016

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