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All Season Cabin

Shed Category: Cabin/Summerhouse

Our shed is special because it of its versatility. In the winter it is a log cabin, with a log burner, fixed seating and dining area with a cosy feel, whilst in the summer it turns into a large open space whereby the front of the cabin can be winched down to make big decking area - great for entertaining and relaxing in the hammock while the barbecue is cooking dinner!

Cost of shedbuild: More than £1000

As a carpenter, Adam built everything in our shed, including the oak frame, fixed seating, winch mechanism, partially tiled walls and reclaimed wood walls. Although Adam is a perfectionist and every single element of our shed has been thoroughly thought through, it has a very rustic feel, emphasised by our wide variety of decor - A rams skull, reclaimed copper pipes, old dials and original carpentry tools. Despite being in our garden it is the heart of our home!

  • Year first entered 2016
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