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Studio 4

More than £500

I built studio 4 from scratch at the age of 15 as a space for me and my friends to hang out. Each weekend I would head to the DIY store and get more wood, screws and paint. It took me 4 months to build and was finished just in time for my 16th birthday.
After lining the inside walls with ply and fitting the floor, we then decorated the shed into a modern living space. It has a sofa which can fold out into a double bed, heating, a television, karaoke, a fitted kitchen, as well as an outdoor decking area and some pretty cool colour changing lights.
We came up with the name Studio 4 because of the modern design. The number 4 was chosen as it was a constant number that came up during the building process, the lights are fitted in groups of 4, the roofing and flooring is in 4 sections, the shed took 4 months to build and of course there are 4 of us.
It now gets used every day, as an extra room in the home, a place for doing coursework and hanging out with friends whether its pizza and DVD nights, sleepovers, parties or the meeting place before a night out.

Hope you enjoy studio 4 as much as we do!

We built this shed from scratch at the age of 15. For somewhere to hang out.

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