The Bike Shed The Bike Shed The Bike Shed The Bike Shed The Bike Shed
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  • The Bike Shed
  • Douglas M Fleming
  • The shed is positioned at the side of the house, at the back, outside the kitchen wall - Edinburgh

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The Bike Shed

More than £500

The Bike Shed was built, not to work in, but only to accommodate 2 or 3 bikes and some assorted spare parts. The shed is in the lean-to style and is of traditional construction with a Canadian Western red-cedar shingle roof. The shed is also painted in bright "sea-side" colours as we live in the Portobello area of Edinburgh near to the sea and the beach.

The total cost of the shed build was ᆪ691. Windows were ᆪ10 to buy and the door is hand-made, with a 150 year old door handle. Glass was sourced locally and puttying-in of the glass proved to be a very tricky job to do properly! The roof shingles are interesting, as when they get wet they change colour, and then, when they dry out they return gradually to their original colour, creating an ever changing appearance to the Bike Shed.

Year first entered 2016

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