s Walpole Highwayman, Pub/Entertainment from Back garden owned by Anthony White #shedoftheyear
Walpole Highwayman Walpole Highwayman Walpole Highwayman Walpole Highwayman
All photos are copyright of the sheddie Anthony White
  • Walpole Highwayman
  • Anthony White
  • Back garden - Norfolk

Category: | Pub/Entertainment

Walpole Highwayman

£150 to £249

Equipped with related pub materials bought at boot sales, charity shops plus other stuff accumulated over the years as presents. Used in warmer weather as a drinking/eating area.

6 x 5 ft pent shed initially used for storage of garden furniture, games and toys, when children left for Uni converted to current use. Built with the help of my son.

Year first entered 2016

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