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  • In the coppiced chestnut woods of West Sussex - West Sussex

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The Shack

More than £500

Fairly unique shed, that I have lived in. It is now mostly used as a living/working space. I also use the space to host courses/meals etc. Guests have also slept in it.

The main frame is made from coppiced sweet chestnut that is cut from the woodland. The frames use the poles in the round which are scribed and jointed together, held with an oak peg. The rafters are also coppiced chestnut, as are the shakes (hand split tiles) used to cover some of the external walls. The gable wall is cleft (split) logs nailed straight to the frame, gaps plugged with moss.....The remaining walls use waste slab wood, and some milled douglas fir from a local estate is used on the other large gable door/wall. The flooring is reclaimed plywood, and the joists are locally milled. The roof is a mixture of onduline sheets and turf/green roof. There is cob plaster on two of the internal walls, using sand from the ground on site and waste clay from a festival....

Year first entered 2016

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