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The Noggin

More than £500

It's a functional shed that looks good, and will get even better as the newly-planted grassy roof matures, the oak posts mellow and the dry-stone walling gathers moss. Most of the materials are either timber or re-claimed materials. There are plenty of gaps in the walls to allow birds to nest in the rafters and we are awaiting our first residents to move in, safe from the pesky crows. As you go in it splits into His (messy) and Hers (tidy). Between the rafters the spaces are used for storing dimensioned timber. At the rear there is a large roof overhang and a rack that keeps long lengths of wood out of the weather. Underneath the rack are bicycles. Surplus water from the roof travels down an ornamental Japanese rain chain into an old farm water tank, perfect for dipping watering-cans.

The shell of the shed (self-built) is constructed from re-used thermalite blocks with local green-oak posts and cotswold stone. It has two open slit-windows and a re-used door and leaded window. The soil on the green roof is also made from recycled waste and is planted with Ponytail Grass which when back-lit by the sun, waves beautifully in the wind.

Year first entered 2016

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