Overmill barn Overmill barn Overmill barn Overmill barn Overmill barn Overmill barn
All photos are copyright of the sheddie Alex Huke
  • Overmill Barn
  • Alex Huke
  • Adjacent to house, field and car parking space. Field it being turned into a forest gardnen. - Cornwall

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Overmill Barn

More than £1000

It might be a bit too 'normal' for you, but it is made from traditional timber framing techniques, by a local friend and made fully from Dartmoor larch (of which there's quite a bit around as it's had to be felled because is harbour the pathogen that potentially causes sudden oak depth). Whilst the inside is pretty 'shed like' with storage and workspace area some of the pictures show it's rather outstanding, sea, moor, Cornwall and Devon views.

We collect the rainwater via two IBC containers to water the developing forest garden over the drier summer months. We have a camera trap nearby and regular deer, badger, fox visitors...

Year first entered 2017


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