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The Man Cave

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More than £1000

This was a summer 2015 build lasting 4 months - entirely self-built from scratch - no kits at all, the Man Cave was an organic design (no plans!) but had to look good and last forever! The primary purpose was to create a space that I could create copper garden trees and plants from as a hobby. Designed around me, and for me. It was important that I had the flexibility that a self build provides to give me everything a man could want in a workshop. I have also built a matching log-store (shown at the end of the youtube vid) this year that matches the style and feel. The workshop I feel has a real stamp of 'anyone can do it if you put your mind to it'.

In terms of design, well there really wasn't any, I would class this as an organic build that resided only in my plans exist. The primary purpose was to have a workshop to create copper tree water fountains - a newly found hobby, so it was important I had a place to sew the virtual seeds to grow my copper trees. As this was a first-ever build for me, many hours on youtube was spent mainly on roof construction and I was able to construct the trusses from scratch, build a stable door from scratch and ultimately the entire build...from scratch. The walls are insulated with sheep-wool based insulation also. For the lighting, I created my own from Mason style jars and used a converted candle-holder for the porch lamp. My Dad assisted with putting up the walls and roof, but only from an 'extra pair of hands' view. As a retired builder, this would be the last build he ever helped on, so was very keen to get him involved as he is too frail to do anything like this now. The Man Cave is dedicated to my Dad and when he visits, we stroll on up and do that Dad and Son thing and chat about the build and potential improvements. If anyone visits, we inevitably migrate towards the workshop and more recently I have extended the porch deck-area and we often sit in the summer with an iced-tea to watch the sun go down, so for us, it's more than a workshop, it's a place to relax on the porch - no rocking chairs or banjos though!

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