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Engine House

More than £1000

The Engine House has been a dream of mine for many years and a life time of collecting fire service memorabilia. When my wife said I had to do something with it all as it had filled our loft to bursting, it was either get rid of it or build somewhere to put it.

So the Engine House became a reality. It is designed on a old fashion style fire station, with muster bay for firefighting uniforms though the ages, watch room for displaying certificates and smart uniform, 2 workshops, ablutions, mess room which is where I brew my own fire service related beer and of course the Engine House itself which has the old bar from a real fire station before it was demolished, seating area with tables and chairs and sofa to watch the large screen TV.

A fire station is not complete without a dormitory with ladder access to the loft which contains 2 beds and of course a pole for quick egress to the bar. Since its opening we have had many friends and family evenings with a couple of drinks or just watching a movie.

Recently we had an Oktoberfest party with friends, family and neighbours and spent my first night in the dormitory.

I have never built anything like this before and had no plans. I just stuck some ideas down on paper and a few measurements. Suddenly the concrete base was going down last October and I started to build it in January 2016, mostly finished by March. Basically worked on it ever spare few minutes I had.

The main frame and cladding is made of wood and fully insulated, inside is half paperboard and half wood panelling.

To give it the old look, all wood is stained and then brick effect wallpaper. I have tried to maintain the fire service theme through the entire building with coffee tables made from old hosereels, lights made from extinguishers, hose and sprinklers.

Year first entered 2017

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