Jo's Shepherds Hut Jo's Shepherds Hut Jo's Shepherds Hut Jo's Shepherds Hut Jo's Shepherds Hut Jo's Shepherds Hut
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  • Jo's Shepherds Hut
  • Greg Whale
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Jo's Shepherds Hut

More than £1000

I asked my wife of 25 years whether she would like a Chevy Truck or a Shepherds Hut for her 25th wedding present. She replied instantly with Shepherds Hut. Having then looked at buying one built already new or secondhand and then at kits I decided to make one from scratch. I am not a carpenter, I have never made anything like this. But I must say it looks rather good. I based the design around Historic Shepherd Hut designs taking measurements and pictures of various local huts (with permission). I put a design together. The hardest thing was finding 100 year old wheels which took about 3 or 4 months. I then build the axles, chassis, walls, roof and clad the whole thing in galvanized steel sheets. It is painted green on the sides and black on top and has now been fluffed up on the inside with sheep skins, rugs cushions and a wood burning stove.

This is the best thing I have ever built and she deserves a sanctury

Year first entered 2017

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