The Pump House The Pump House The Pump House The Pump House The Pump House
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  • The Pump House
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The Pump House

More than £1000

This much-loved shed is home to a captivating collection of automobilia and restored petrol pumps dating all the way back to 1915. When my Dads hobby of buying and restoring vintage petrol pumps began to take over the garden, he decided to build a shed from reclaimed wood, backing onto the garage, in a bid to create a family hub built around his passion. This home-made pub has been proudly dubbed The Pump House. This shed is made up of an antique museum of collectables that looks into a pub-like room, filled to the rafters with charming odds and bods that take you back to a different time. The bar itself is made from a reclaimed 1940s shop counter and every year as the shed transforms with time and plays host to more petrol pumps, it feels more and more like stepping into a time machine.

Year first entered 2017

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