Tail of the Pup Tail of the Pup Tail of the Pup Tail of the Pup Tail of the Pup Tail of the Pup
All photos are copyright of the sheddie Mark Pearson

Tail Of The Pup

Category: Unexpected

£150 to £249

Id and Super Ego: I have transformed what was a bog standard timber frame shed using conflicting creative instincts. On the outside it has a sleek and minimal superstructure with tasteful, architecturally designed pretensions. This is contrasted by the interior where I regress to my basic instincts, furnishing it as grotesque man cave adorned with some mock Tudor cladding and oversized German beer mugs.

The exterior is clad in a combination of Coraline bitumen sheeting and roofing felt. The windows use opaque acrylic sheets. The interior mainly uses recycled timber accumulated from previous DIY jobs. I started work in September and then I could not walk into the shed to get at any tools or equipment. My first job was to build a pitched roof to house the roof box for our car and continued to develop the project through a mixture of design, improvisation and masculine zeal.

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