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Alpine Bar

Shed Category: Pub/Entertainment

This is an alpine style bar (our interpretation ) with a little bit of retro we can transport ourselves to the alps with a 15 yard walk we also have family gatherings all through the year from Christmas, Halloween other family and friends BBQ's and theme days and evenings planed we also use it to escape the riggers of work were in in the uk would you find an Alpine Bar in a 8 foot square shed we can also sit out on the decking on a bench made from skis with wood burner for the cooler evenings just takes us back to the great holidays snowboarding

Cost of shedbuild: £250 to £499

the shed is a 2.4 mt square build it started life as a chill out space when we were caring for my elderly mother-in-law. when she past away it started being a garden shed and then a third of it started to be a chicken shed when the chickens all curled up their little claws it started to be a shed with a leaking roof and looking very tied the wife said we need to do something with the shed so a lick of cuprinol shed paint and a new roof with off cuts of insulated box profile sheet thanks to my place of work transforming it into THE ALPINE BAR

  • Year first entered 2017
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