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Team Unlimbited

Category: Workshop/Studio

£250 to £499

At first glance, the shed, in a back garden in Swansea, doesn't look remarkable. Step closer and you'll hear the whirring of hard-working machines. Every inch of space is crammed with equipment. Open the door and, while I'd like to tell you it is Tardis-like inside, it isn't. Welcome to mission HQ of Team Unlimbited. I was born with only one hand. When I saw the number of children that had no access a poor choice or were unable to afford an artificial arm, I knew I had to do something. I had a need to help. We design, print, build and deliver 3d printed hands and arms to children completely free. I built and modified this standard 8x6 wooden shed on a budget, which was built out of necessity when our third (unexpected) baby came along leaving space at a premium in the house. Contained within this small space are my 3d printers, computer and all the tools & materials needed to build our arm, which we designed to be low tech, inexpensive, look fantastic, and easy to make. The shed is fully insulated with 10cm thick concrete board, it is temperature controlled, and it has a full air circulation and filtration system. The arms we build here are built in our spare time and on the weekends, fitted in around our day jobs and our personal and professional lives completely free. We are self-funded and can only do this from the kind donations we receive. We have open-sourced our designs freely for the world to use. This small space is lined with photos of the scores of children our design has helped from around the world. From Peru to Pakistan, Turkey, Brazil, Chile, Uganda, USA, Egypt, UK, USA and on and on. All from this unobtrusive little shed, sat in an unassuming garden, in a small village, nestled in South Wales.

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