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Bunker 14

More than £1000

My shed is designed around my hobbies, one being a passion for every aspect of WW2 (including my collection of relics from that era) and the second, building Airfix models and alike. This also gives me somewhere to display them as well, along with a home for my games console and pc for that perfect place just to chill out and forget about life's problems for an hour or two.

This shed was built in summer 2016. With the help of my dad, we managed to get the shed built in a day (we moved so fast that day, we nearly turned shed building into a sport). The interior was designed and made by myself over 3-4 months as we had the arrival of our little daughter. so I have managed an hour here or there. I think this will always be one of those projects were it will never be quite finished, and to be honest it will be sad day if/when it is ever finished, as i really enjoy being creative with it.

Year first entered 2017

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