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Laura's Treehouse

More than £1000

This shed is my escape, a place to sculpt or paint or sit and watch birds with a cup of tea. It will also include a sofa bed, for balmy nights when we want to be closer to nature. When I work in my shed, I forget about chores and worries. I often have to stop and watch the fox that comes to sit under the cabin, or a flock of long tailed tits darting through the branches of the trees surrounding me. Outside the cabin is a deck with a hammock, barbecue, farmhouse table, and swing, a grown up playground for candle-lit summer dinner parties.

We are proud of our cabin because we designed it ourselves, built it as our first big project, and sourced the windows, doors, flooring, and many of the joists and hangars from neighbours who were throwing things away. They were so generous, and we were thrilled to save costs and do good for the environment by recycling.

Year first entered 2017

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