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The Den

Category: Cabin/Summerhouse

More than £1000

My shed was built primarily as a place for the kids (now grown up and left home) to hang out with their friends. It has been used over the years as a place to sleep (as long as the frogs in the wild pond in front don't keep you awake) a band practice room, for garden and sauna parties and as an office. The den design was inspired from a visit to the Hampton Court flower show where I saw a garden building with a green roof for the first time. The building incorpoarates a sauna in one room and a main room which has a Polynesian theme. Outside their is an adjacent covered deck with a gazebo constructed in cedar with a cedar tiled roof, and we've built two ponds in front of the shed one containing Koi and one that is wild, with a bridge in between so that it looks like the shed is positioned on the banks of a waterway.

The building is of mainly wood construction with a green roof (sedum) and a unique and simple guttering system with any run off feeding into a water butt. The outside of the shed is clad with wavy edge cedar.

  • Year first entered 2017

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