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More than £1000

 The Artshed was designed by my self, as my art studio; A good friend enjoyed sleeping in it at Christmas testing for draughts!! I will be opening The Artshed to the public this summer where it will be transformed into a gallery exhibiting my work, visitors can walk up through the garden into the space.

I built this shed on a tight budget just under οΎ£ 4,000 .I bought the French doors second hand on line and two large round window frames, one of which I sold to pay for the glazing on the other. The main door was bought from a school in Hull many years ago and the kitchen units were also bought online second hand and re gigged to fit the space. I also managed to get a 1960s hospital screen which I renovated to use as a room divider and screen for the French windows. The curves on the roof were tricky, I didn't give up, secretly some days I want to be an architect I wanted to be true to the design. It was very important to consider the shape of the shed in relation to the site for example the oil tank had to be concealed and the back view is visible on approach to the house. I built the smaller shed a couple of years ago , last year I developed the design and decided to extend it into my wondrous art studio. I may extend it further one day who can say but for now its great.

Year first entered 2017

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