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No shed name

This is my shed, its 24'x9' with 2"x3" for framing and 18mm ply roof covered with 3 layers of felt with a coating of solar reflective paint. Timber treated with Cuprinol ducksback. But the real reason for being here is the building of my Bar "ROOM 98".

I needed to erect this as I had to kill my other shed for being in the wrong place, rotting and not built by me! What I am actually working towards is building a bar/pub on the site of my blue and white shed. My bar will be 14'x24', 4"x"2 framing, caldded with 1" thick "Log Effect" t&g, 18mm Ply roof with built up felt covering. All internal voids will be insulated for heat retention and accoustics. After being held up with the Full Planning Permission Red Tape Waste Of Time, for five months!! I now have the green light and can proceed.

......And proceed I did! Room98 is finnished and I decided to make it an American music bar. April 14th 2007 was the opening night, bbq and party 'til 3 in the morning!! TpI&feature=user

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