• Koksys Corner
  • in the back bottom right hand side of our garden - West Midlands
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Koksys Corner

Category: Unexpected

£250 to £499

The best part of my shed is the pleasure and enjoyment I get on sunny mornings and maybe some not so sunny mornings.....when I sit in the small front balcony of our shed and eat my toast and drink my cup of indian chaii. The view from here of our house is amazing our garden and our old traditional house....so I sit there knowing my two sons Vinay and Rishi and daughter Nisha and my husband are all still snug in bed and I'm enjoying this peace and quite. The Shed's Special because the other best thought is knowing that this time is my own and Im not going to get asked to do anything for anyone but can just sit there and enjoy those few minutes or half an hour.....looking at our whole garden listening to the birds and also thinking how i will improve the look and where i have space to plant more shrubs or plants.

i have wanted a shed of my own for years and when I saw this reduced shed and that corner of my garden was empty.....I thought prefect opportunity, At first I was going to have it installed in the front of my garden, I even got the slabs delivered and dug the section out myself but than my husband warned me that the council would make me take it down as I didnt have planning permission so than I had no choice but to have it in the back garden where it is now. I would still love a shed in the front under the trees but for now I'm happy with this one.

People can sleep in my shed or sit inside. The plan is to eventually put in a little sink and have a kettle...maybe even a portable fridge.

I would love to keep my favourite tools in there so they are at hand when I need them....things like our hand hedge trimmers/cutters, spade, rake, leaves blower, but at the moment I can't lock it securely so I don't. We keep our tools in the other shed which is situated opposite on the back left had corner of our garden. I've told(warned) : ) my husband that....that's his shed and under no circumstances can he touch mine.... : ) : )

the size of my shed is 12X11. it is completely wooden.

  • Year first entered 2017
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