The Hangar
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The Hangar

More than £500

Our pub shed has been built mainly using pallets sourced for free. I would estimate that around 50 pallets have been used. They were used for the base and basic structure of the walls. I then used second hand plywood (free again) to board over the outside of the pallets. Second hand upvc windows and doors were then added. I decided to buy new wood and beams for the roof before felting it. Next I boarded the floor with industrial loft boards before putting some reclaimed oak flooring over the top which we again got for free from a friends kitchen. I used kingspan sheets inbeteeen the joists before using 9mm ply for the ceiling. I used rockwool in the walls and ran the electric cable before using 9mm to board the walls. We have full electrics in there with cable TV, a log burner and a fully stocked bar. This has all been built by me, I have no building experience and I have done this over 8 months on my days off. The only bit that I did not do was connecting the electrics to the mains. I used a qualified electrician to fit a consumer unit and connect the armoured cable to the house. We can now have friends over and enjoy a night out without the need to travel. The hangar as also has an aircraft theme inside

My pub has been self built myself. I have no previous building experience

Year first entered 2017

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