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The Chalet

More than £1000

Its was done as extra accommodation for friends and family.

I am Midwife and did the conversion in my spare time, which took over eighteen months. The shed was just used as a dumping ground as an extra storage. I have partitioned of a bedroom and a shower room, I have put wood cladding all through on the walls and ceilings. I have also fitted a kitchen sink, bathroom sink and a small oven. The kitchen has fitted cupboards and shelves, also has a lounge area. I have media a water feature which is not in the photo. the bedroom has a double bed wardrobe and Chester drawers. The shower room has a full size shower, there is sitting at the back and front which overlooks fields. There are wooden canopies at the back and front which i made myself. The shed measures 6x4 meters.

Year first entered 2017

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