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Mo's Bar

Category: Pub/Entertainment

More than £1000

My shed is a special place to visit, because its a one off timber construction, with feather edged sides, it took 6 months to construct which I did in my spare time after work. The name came from my late Tortoise Mo, Mo was a cheeky thing always behind you where ever you went in the garden, ready to bash your heels. lol My dad always loved to relax with a pint in the garden so I built a Bar in my garden to sit in and remember the good times we had. The lower half of the interior walls are clad in 28 recycled pallets, that where stripped down and de-nailed. The bar and surrounding areas benefit from free wifi for all guests. The bar is along side the BBQ gravel area. Plus full working electrics for lighting/heating/and music for the long summer evenings when friends come over. Life is better in the garden.

Its mainly timber construction, all built on just 6 posts. It measures 7m x 3m, with an enclosed Bar and a open air sun deck. but the middle wall can open up into one area for partying with friends.

  • Year first entered 2018

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