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The Retreat

£250 to £499

Our summer house is mainly made from pallets, recycled materials. We only purchased roof trusses and felt new (they were reduced as all damaged packaging) we wanted a project that would help me recover from surgery, we used free doors from a window company they took out to replace. The satisfaction and pride is t has given us is tremendous. We have just took down our old decking and moved it down to the summer house. I am so proud of my wife as with my current health situation she has done the majority of the project. We even slept down there when my wife redecorated our bedroom. Its so peaceful and quiet. We now use is as our guest room as we built a sofa that pulls out to a double bed again using pallets. We have a beautiful window that frames our view of Rodneys pillar a local beauty spot. We intend to put in a log burner as my wife wants Santa to deliver our presents there this year. It is a labour of love and determination. Making something beautiful out of essentially waste. My wife scoured Pinterest and found a summer house for ᆪ27k and she modelled it on that. Its cost us to date ᆪ301 - screws, roof timbers, felt, insulation ᆪ50 worth of shiplap off of facebook and 3 tins of Cuprinol urban slate.

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