The meditation room The meditation room
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The Meditation Room

Less than £100

This work of art was built by my husband( Mathew)and son, (Tyler)to create a safe place for our son & daughter(Lauren)to go and get away from modern tech (phones, computers etc) and to just be kids!
Tyler has had a bit of a rough time at school of late so wanted somewhere he could go and have his own space, it also gave him something to focus on whilst building the shed and for Matt to teach him basic carpentry skills and to create more of a bond between them both.
Since the shed has been built it has been the main focal point of any gatherings, bbqs and most importantly family time. We have slept in the shed once but will being doing it a lot more now the weather is warming. Matt is planning on using it to during the World Cup to get friends and family round and have a screen set up in the front opening.
We have created so many memories all ready in the short time that it has been built and Im very very proud of what both my husband and son have achieved.

Matt is a very creative person and has always had a passion for making things (all out of recycled wood) from garden planters, benches and chairs so it was a natural progression to make the biggest thing he could.
The most impressive thing about this entire build is that it has only cost οΎ£17 (along with its impressive shape) which was the cost for all the screws used on the build, Matt works as a scaffolder so the main structure is made entirely from old scaffold boards, thats the roofing timbers, floor joists, stud walls, stair case and the cladding. The roofing sheets are also reclaimed from work as they where going to the tip. Matt got the 2 doors from his dad who was chucking them out. The 4 corner posts and windows where from a friend and the iron work used as in hinges etc where bits that Matt had accumulated from a previous job as a fencer.
We had a little trouble at one point concerning the position and hight of the building as building control where informed, neither myself or Matt had thought there would have been any issue but had to eagerly wait a week to see if we could keep it, luckily for us the inspector that came out to view it was so impressed with the work of art (their words) that they fought to allow us to keep it, I think that speaks volumes about the shed, its general appeal and the pure creativity and love my husband has poured into it.

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