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The Temple - Kirkharle - Northumberland The Temple - Kirkharle - Northumberland The Temple - Kirkharle - Northumberland
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  • The Temple - Kirkharle - Northumberland
  • Angus Robert Thompson
  • Kirkharle - Northumberland - UK - Northumberland

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The Temple - Kirkharle - Northumberland

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The Temple - Kirkharle - Northumberland is the creation of Angus McTavish (Thompson) who is passionate about plants and History especially History of Northumbria. In 2017 Angus got the opportunity to set up a small business at Kirkharle selling plants and doing historic walks. Kirkharle is the birth place of Lancelot "Capability " Brown where he was schooled and worked as a gardener up until the age of 23 when he left to go on to become reputedly the greatest landscape gardener in England, designing and constructing over 250 landscape gardens in particular Blenheim, Chatsworth and High Clere. Browns first landscape was at Stowe where Lord Cobham commissioned Brown to design and construct a Greek Valley. Into this valley Brown put two temples one Greek and the other Gothic to act as focal points. Angus has taken the Greek design and the Gothic colours as his inspiration for his Temple. The Temple has taken just over 6 months to build using principally salvaged and reclaimed wood. However the glass doors and windows had to be 4mm reinforced glass as the public will be able to go into it, the floor also has to have a none slip surface - which put an additional cost to the build. The Temple is 16 ft. by 12 ft. and is a functional structure used as a base for the historic walks around the historic hamlet and also is used to sell plants, flowers, garden sundries and books. The heraldic shields on the Temple are all associated with Knights or the nobility in Northumberland who have lived at Kirkharle over the last 1200 years. Brown favoured crenellation and animals on the battlement of some of his buildings hence he harts and dragons. It has been a challenging project but fun and well received by the visitors to Kirkharle.

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