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  • At the top of our upper wildflower hay meadow which we cut and harvest every year, semi manually for - Carmarthenshire
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The Hut

More than £1000

It's a hut to sit in, rest awhile, think, and watch the clouds go by. I never stop down near the house, garden or round the fields - there's always too much to do, but I can relax up here. No power up here, apart from a small PV panel/battery set up to power some LED lights. It's the real place to go to switch off, and soak up the sights and sounds of the landscape all around. I often get inspired to write by what I see through the big open window at the Eastern end of The Hut. Plus when we open the garden up for charity, through the National Garden Scheme, our visitors love climbing up "longevity hill" to reach it, and it's often a long time before they head back down again!

Detailed pictures about how the shed was built, and views from it taken through 2019 are on "The Hut - 2019" page of our website - shown here:

Their website

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