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  • Hilda's Very Unusual Spooky Health Tardis Shed
  • Hilda Griffiths
  • Back of bungalow- - Herefordshire

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Hilda's Very Unusual Spooky Health Tardis Shed

£250 to £499

This spooky TARDIS shed is painted with cuprinol in the TARDIS colours.

Inside this shed is a wonderful Sauna. It is a fully functional two-person Sauna with mood lights, drop-down CD player and bluetooth radio with USB connection.

The Sauna is low running costs, easily cleaned, low maintenance, all made from high quality Canadian Hemlock wood, all round heat from carbon heaters, toughened glass windows, oxygen ionizer, reading lights and chromatherapy lighting.

The infrared sauna waves penetrate to help get rid of toxins buried deep under the skin. It also penetrates deep into the muscles for long lasting pain relief of Arthritis. Skin is cleansed and dead cells are replaced. It also helps maintain blood vessels. It lowers blood pressure. One Sauna session can burn between 300-700 calories.

Year first entered 2019

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