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Mes Que Un Shed

More than £1000

In a small garden and in a prominent position near to the house, the main facade needed to be easy on the eye. The use of overlapping wide elm boards displays the natural beauty of the wood and the tin roof gives another nod to the design being inspired by the resilient and simple sheds that pepper the sides of the Black Mountains.

Required to store the junk associated with a young family, but with space at a premium, the shed's elongated proportions and neat storage ideas mean that all the stored items are out of sight but readily accessible.

The workshop of the shed is used by the young and old members of the family. Tools and equipment are stored on the noggins that form part of the wall structure which saves even more space, but also ensures items don't get lost behind each other.

The main window faces North and takes in more than enough light to work with and the smaller window to the West provides a secondary source with a warmer hue.

The major part of the budget was spent on the elm boards. They are priced according to their beauty which actually provides enough of a distraction for savings to be made elsewhere.

All the non-elm timber is either seconds from high street stores or dug out of skips. Wanting the floor to be really solid we went to town with the number of joists we used but as they were all battens reclaimed from a neighbour that was re-roofing their home it was actually a win-win and saved the timbers from going to land-fill.

The base of the shed is made up of rubble that was generated by a building project that took place in the main house.

The tin roof choice comes after years of repairing and replacing felt roofs and realising it to be a false economy in terms of my own time and the resources used.

The artwork and anvil were picked up at second hand sales and chair saved from a skip. The sliding door is a roof saved from another shed that was being taken down.

Other two walls of the shed are OSB seconds painted with flat roof paint. Given the small distance between the shed and the perimeter fence there will be minimal weathering so it provided an opportunity for a cost saving ... and help justify the use of elm on the other two sides.

Windows use ecoglass.

Year first entered 2019

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