The Den The Den The Den The Den The Den
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  • The Den
  • John Doherty
  • County Cork, Republic of Ireland

Category: | Cabin/Summerhouse

The Den

More than £1000

It is located in picturesque part of the garden, has a balcony with amazing views and is a kids' dream. It has a concealed ladder within for kids to go to a ground floor room with a miniature door and windows. It is a playzone for kids with multiple swings connected to it, a long slide, a crawl tunnel and a 30 metre zipline. It also has a flatscreen tv for kids movies.

I built a hidden blockwork structure to keep it elevated off the ground and increase its' lifespan. It is insulated and has carpet tiles. The zipline posts are made from an electricity pole.

Year first entered 2019

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