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The Ark

More than £1000

I built The Ark as a workshop for making musical instruments and small furniture. It is roughly based on the Stimpson Boat Shed idea but has a much tighter radius to the bends of the ribs which means no encroachment of working space within head height. It has a high double door at one end for easy access and a smaller side door with 8 windows, 3 of which open. Its construction is a ladder frame on stilts with an insulated cavity floor, a bent ribbed upper structure with sarking planks that resembles an up turned boat, this will be insulated, and end walls of pine shiplap cladding on a 4x2 frame. The roof is of felt shingles. The inside will have a large tool cupboard with bi-folding panel doors and a small seated corner for playing guitar of listening to my favourite tracks played on my 1966 Rowe-AMI jukebox.

It took me nearly 3 years to build with little to no assistance, working in all weathers that the East Kilbride climate could throw at me.

Year first entered 2019

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