The Dreamboat The Dreamboat The Dreamboat The Dreamboat The Dreamboat The Dreamboat The Dreamboat
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The Dreamboat

More than £1000

Built on the site of an old compost heap to take in the Grampian foothill views and make the most of the evening Sun. Built completely from scratch using studs for walls and sarking board for the home made roof trusses. The slates were left overs from a home extension. Not really planned, just started, and the effort improved as she grew and came to life. We work from home so has a power supply, but also use as summer house. No one has slept there yet will do before long.

We spoilt ourselves by fitting bi-fold doors and some luminously pretty larch cladding. The decking boards were a luxury too, but the structure was recycled building materials. We also had some left over skirting board and flooring from house extension so used that up too.

Year first entered 2019

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