HMS Wandsworth HMS Wandsworth HMS Wandsworth HMS Wandsworth HMS Wandsworth HMS Wandsworth HMS Wandsworth
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Hms Wandsworth

Category: Unique

More than £500

An unusual find, hidden in the garden of a very normal terrace of SW London Victorian houses. It serves as children's pirate ship, garden store, workshop, gym, but most importantly somewhere to mount the family heirloom: a cannon!

The main area includes a large treasure chest for children's garden toys, and a top-hinged "companionway" window, complete with steps for little legs to climb up and out to the terrace. Garden tools are stored behind the door, quickly accessible, but safely secured and hidden away behind the inward opening door when used as a playhouse. The rear area, behind a door, includes a workshop and lots of storage, including a loose topped workbench which can be positioned to make a horse for sawing or drilling. The internal partition is hinged to allow the entire shed to be used as one, when acting as workshop. On the exterior, at the rear of the shed, a rum-butt collects rainwater next to a space for a ladder to access the upper deck and all-important cannon!

Originally conceived to maximise the internal space without encroaching onto a small garden, the frame was built into an existing raised terrace, in a rectangular shape with a "cut off" corner. The facade is secured to a simple vertical frame, curving both horizontally and vertically to give its hull shape.

The frame is all new timber, but old materials were recycled where possible, including old floorboards for the floor and chest, and kitchen units for the workshop drawers. Built in spare evenings and weekends it has taken a few years to complete!

  • Year first entered 2019

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