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The Wooky

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It's a calm haven to relax or sleep in. There's a fold down desk for creative projects or working, with views of the garden and the Sandgate 'rainforest'! It's a guest room; a cosy den for sharing stories; a place to switch off; a place to sleep in during wild storms.

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The Wooky was built for me by my wonderful partner, Phil, who cleverly sourced an array of materials to keep the building costs right down. I am a teacher, and got particularly frustrated when I had to be indoors ploughing through piles of marking, when I would rather be outside. Now, with a small heater, snug insulation and a stable door, I can commune with the elements at the same time as working. Hooray!

The Wooky is mostly built from reclaimed and recycled wood (pallets etc). The windows were from a free-cycle website, and trimmings such as copper came from an old boiler and other 'rubbish'. The basic build came in at under οΎ£250, then there were extra costs of adding electrics and furnishings.

The theme of the decor is 'Modern Fairytale'. There are references to witchy forests and folklore throughout: broomstick and cauldron containing herbs; magic wands; a dragon skull. Toads, lizards, dragons and fairytale creatures reside in and around, and the walls are hung with pictures illustrating fairytales, witchy goings-on, Shakespearian tales and 'The Wizard of Oz'. A green man guards the day bed, and a knitted brace of pheasants hang in the corner. There is lots more to discover when you really start to explore!

I wanted to pay tribute to members of my family in the decor, so there are lots of references to those I've loved and lost. For example, My Granny was called 'Rosemary', and that is reflected in the paint colour, and in the bunch of rosemary that is on a shelf in a sawn-off 'Blandford Fly' beer bottle - the river that my Grandfather used to go fly-fishing in.

The fold-down desk is hand-painted with ivy leaves - my first attempts at art work since school. I also made a nest for my 'Dragon's egg', and a crystal ball from a giant bauble. There are other painted details to add humour: the three little pigs with their building supplies; the big bad wolf's trail of pawprints up the door; toadstool pots to store pens. I also created a giant spider's web trellis by binding sticks together to go on the outside wall, to train honeysuckle and jasmine.

Last Halloween, local trick and treaters met The Wooky Witch (my mum dressed up!), & were both scared and thrilled. The Wooky Witch became an instant local legend!

The Wooky provides an excellent night's sleep, and has the magical ability to make me feel as though I'm away on holiday. I wake up to the sun shining through the rainbow stained glass insert in the stable door, which casts a beautiful glow into the room.

It is well-stocked with books, writing materials, and an array of various teas and coffees, so comfort is guaranteed. My favourite word in the world is 'cosy', and The Wooky exemplifies cosiness!

I came up with the name because a) we are Star Wars family(!), and b) because I have the following quote from 'Macbeth' engraved on a plaque that's mounted outside: 'Light thickens, and the crow makes wing to the rooky wood', so rooky/wooky just seemed to go really well.

Phil built it - I decorated it. It is wonderful!

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