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Less than £100

Welcome to my writer's shed - a place where I can get away from everything for a couple of hours and work on my last bestseller (!)

I initially bought the shed after falling in love with wood turning. It cost me all of οΎ£67, secondhand off eBay. My husband and I set it up, with the idea of starting a business, but then he had a stroke and all plans were abandoned.

April 2020, and I decided to sell off the tools and turn the shed into a space just for me - I've a houseful, plus being a full-time carer, I need the time out. The new roof felt, wood paint and flooring were funded by the sale of the tools and other items no longer used.

The shed has been redone on a budget, with wood either free or cheap, with the exception of the ceiling panels. The paint and carpet tiles were also bought new.

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