Shed of the Year 2015 competition sponsored by Cuprinol

Welcome to Home of Shed of the year - as seen on Channel 4's Amazing Spaces

The winner of Shed of the year 2015 is Inshriach Distillery

Model Railway room (First entered 2015)
Model Railway room - Neal Ball - Garden
Neal Ball
The Cake House (First entered 2015)
The Cake House - Anne Horsburgh  - Garden
Anne Horsburgh
Crafty Monkey at the beach... - Chrissy Brown - Bottom of the garden
Chrissy Brown
Doghouse (First entered 2015)
Doghouse - John Horne  - Back Garden old garage
John Horne
Shenanigans (First entered 2015)
Shenanigans - Peter Roberts - Garden
Peter Roberts
the walnuts (First entered 2015)
the walnuts  - Christopher Bustin  - allotment
Christopher Bustin
The Man Flat (First entered 2015)
The Man Flat - Gary Jones - Bottom of garden
Gary Jones
Ron's Shack, Fluffs Bar, The Cabin, Luv Shack, She - Veronica Antoniou (Ronnie) - In My Garden
Veronica Antoniou (Ronnie)
Badger Bar (First entered 2015)
Badger Bar - Charlotte Mead - Garden
Charlotte Mead
Blue Lotus (First entered 2015)
Blue Lotus - James Castle - Bottom of garden
James Castle
The shed (First entered 2015)
The shed - Ian killner - Back garden
Ian killner
My Hut (First entered 2015)
My Hut - Carolyn Hayter - Garden
Carolyn Hayter
Dozza's Hut (First entered 2015)
Dozza's Hut - Doreen Pack - My hut is situated at the top of my garden and accessible via the decking and patio area
Doreen Pack
Rainbows End (First entered 2015)
Rainbows End - Robert Cameron - Garden
Robert Cameron
The Speakeasy (First entered 2015)
The Speakeasy - Gary Smith - Garden
Gary Smith
The shed (First entered 2015)
The shed - Jessica wilson - Back garden
Jessica wilson
Lamielog (First entered 2015)
Lamielog - Steve prout - Garden
Steve prout
Blue Bell Cottage (First entered 2015)
Blue Bell Cottage - Ian Henry - Rear Garden
Ian Henry
Tyddyn Isaf Beach Huts (First entered 2015)
Tyddyn Isaf Beach Huts - Hayley Mount-Leonard - Bar Garden
Hayley Mount-Leonard
The Summerhouse (First entered 2015)
The Summerhouse - S Roylance - Kitchen garden/veg plot
S Roylance
Alen (woody) (First entered 2015)
Alen (woody) - Matthew feaks - Garden ...of town centre house
Matthew feaks
The Bothy (First entered 2015)
The Bothy - Jane James - Garden
Jane James
The shed (First entered 2015)
The shed - John hardy - Garden
John hardy
Shirley Heights (First entered 2015)
Shirley Heights - joel edge - Down my folks garden
joel edge
log cabin inspired man cave (First entered 2015)
log cabin inspired man cave - alexander scott - garden
alexander scott
The Old Tannery (First entered 2015)
The Old Tannery - Derek Evans - back garden
Derek Evans
Bertie's Folly (First entered 2015)
Bertie's Folly - Christopher Bound - Garden
Christopher Bound
My Shed My Rules! (First entered 2015)
My Shed My Rules! - Simon Mear - garden
Simon Mear
Doom bar (First entered 2015)
Doom bar - glynn procter - garden
glynn procter
Azza's Pad (First entered 2015)
Azza's Pad - Andrew Stewart - Top of the garden
Andrew Stewart
Wolfy's (First entered 2015)
Wolfy's - Paul wolf - Garden
Paul wolf
Dog House (First entered 2015)
Dog House - Chris Towler - front garden/drive
Chris Towler
The Hide (First entered 2015)
The Hide - Paul Armstrong - Garden
Paul Armstrong
The Vegas Bar (First entered 2015)
The Vegas Bar - christopher james davison - Garden
christopher james davison
The Champagne Shed (First entered 2015)
The Champagne Shed - Julie Clark - Garden
Julie Clark
Cyril's Bar. (First entered 2015)
Cyril's Bar.  - Dick chivers - Garden
Dick chivers
Visionary (First entered 2015)
Visionary - Jarrod Sexton - Front Garden
Jarrod Sexton
Cabin fever (First entered 2015)
Cabin fever - vic Coleman - Pond
vic Coleman
Casa Schroeder (First entered 2015)
Casa Schroeder  - Peter Schroeder  - Garden
Peter Schroeder
the shed! (First entered 2015)
the shed! - kev marshall - garden
kev marshall
george's bar (First entered 2015)
george's bar - stuart - garden
Go-Tel - modular portable bedroom + double bed - Peter Aldiss - Today - Our Garden - tomorrow - Your garden or Anywhere
Peter Aldiss
grumpys bar (First entered 2015)
grumpys bar - nigel - garden
Man Cave (First entered 2015)
Man Cave - Andrew Coutts - Garden
Andrew Coutts
SANDY (First entered 2015)
SANDY - Vicky - Garden