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Harley Bar

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The inspiration for the pub came about because as I was going to use it as a workshop for my Harley I offered to let my wife have a fridge in it for summer bbq's and beers. She then suggested we go the whole hog and make it into a pub!

I needed no second bidding and I hope that you like the results. Since we built it we have celebrated our wedding reception (evening do) in it and had numerous parties for friends and family.

The name came about because of my love for riding and tickering with my Harley Davidson bike: the theme of the pub is of course Harleys and Route 66 a dream of mine is to ride along this road.

Due to my wifes input we do have a few comforts such as a fireplace and tables lol! We have aquired lots of pub features such as optics, pump, jukebox, fruit machine and cash register (old style of course). We designed a dart board, tv and bar as part of the original build for our "customer comforts" even though we don't charge!

We are planning on having some race nights, dogs and horses, quizzes and the obligatory New Year Party complete with Karioke, we invite the neighbours as we find this reduces noise complaints!

Other info

The shed came into my possesion as a result of my helping a friend sort his plumbing and heating out. The shed was going spare in his garden and he offered me it as it was in his way!

I dismantled it and with friends help as you will see rebuilt it in my garden and fitted it out.

Many thanks to my many friends who helped with this, too many to list but you know who you are! Cheers!

The shed required laying foundation, removing and rebuilding my fence, and then she who must be obeyed required the garden laid out to suit the pub and it's access! Bless her, this is still a work in progress!

The Harley Bar can truly be called a labour of love. It took 6 months to plan, 6 weeks to build, another 6 weeks to fit out and then has been adapted as teething problems arose.

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