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Fastest Shed

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    kevin nicks
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    On the road in Oxfordshire - Oxfordshire
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  • More than £500


Specification: 200bhp V6 engine, four wheel drive, disc brakes all round, air conditioning, electric windows, remote central locking to name just a few of its refinements.

The whole vehicle is steel framed using 3mm box section and weighs in at just over 2 tonnes, it was built for strength and not for speed, however, the top speed officially timed by the UK timing association (Straightliners) at Elvington airfield near York was 88.086MPH.

At present the World speed recoerd is 58.41 for the fastest shed, the only reason for not sending my paperwork in is that I am planning to get it over 100MPH this year.

As far as I am aware, this is the only 100% road legal Shed in the world, having gone through a 6hr IVA inspection carried out by VOSA, Which is 299 page manual of rules and regulations. Also, on the V5 registration document under the make/model, it is Fastest Shed.

I am personally the designer and builder of this vehicle, nothing was contracted out.

Originally built as an advertising tool due to the huge interest and exposure that it receives wherever it goes. To date it has covered about 5000 miles since completion, with many events booked for this year, it is a joy to drive, comfortable, quiet and quite fast too.

There are plans to build more vehicles, which I am certain you will see in the media and this one is such a joy to make so many people smile when driving it around.

Should you wish to get involved in my journey, either as a sponsor or for advertising, please feel free to contact me on 07885 175755.


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